Interested in joining OTH? Working at OTH is all about being part of a team. What began as a start up, grew to a family business and is now something much bigger – OTH has been able to stay true to the passion and essence of why it was created. The start up mentality is still present – the tight knit community exists as it does in any family business and the lust for the sport of hockey and quality products drives OTH everyday.
OTH Headquarters is located in Salisbury, MA conveniently located 45 minutes north of Boston on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border and right in the heart of one of the most passionate sports communities in the world. People from this part of the country have the luxury of being close enough. Close enough to the ocean, close enough to a big city, close enough to lakes, close enough to the mountains and close enough to everything they offer. This region supports a quality of life not found in very many other places and here at OTH we are glad to call it home.
Here at OTH embracing our passion is part of the lifestyle. We encourage our employees to be creative, to think differently and to constantly develop both in their professional and personal lives. Being passionate is important. Our passion is our sport, our passion is our products and lucky for us they overlap. Hockey is our focus and we craft hockey inspired clothing for the true fans and players. Here at OTH real fans create the products so real fans can wear OTH.