Old Time Hockey’s Take

We have a responsibility to the sport we love - and to the people and environment that support it. Our commitment is to make Old Time Hockey as respected for our environmental and social impact as we are for our products. In doing so, we will help to make hockey - and our lifestyle - sustainable well into the future. First and foremost, we are hockey players and fans, and we take climate change seriously. We need to take a stand. We can all do our part. Our sport was built upon cold winters and frozen ponds; we are dedicated to doing what we can to keep our planet healthy and our winter’s cold. Many of the all time greats learned how to play and fell in love with the sport playing outside – to ensure that generations to come have the same opportunity join us in our efforts.

Solar Panel Project

Our headquarters located in Salisbury, MA houses our front office and design team as well as our warehouse and screen printing production. During the Spring of 2014, a change began to occur, not one you could visibly see from the road but one that the birds could see. Installation of our Solar Panel Project had changed the look of our roof as well as how our building is powered. We now produce enough energy to not only power all operations out of our Headquarters but also to put the excess power generated back into the local power-grid.


OTH Headquarters before